how many tools does it take…

… to add a tube to one wheelbarrow tire?

wheelbarrow wrenching

So many tools, only one project…

The old worn out tire on the wheelbarrow would not hold air anymore for more than a few days. It was at the point where it always popped the bead too, which made it a real pain to get any use out of. I was looking to swap the tire out, but had no joy finding anything but the complete tire/wheel assemblies. Then I saw the tubes which were less than a 1/3rd of the cost. No more than I use this thing, I went with that option. It was fun trying to get the tube into the tire, but I finally managed it. Then I pumped it up, greased up the axle good, then bolted/lined it all back up together.

Now I have a rolling wheelbarrow again.

I just thought it was amusing that I have all these tools scattered out everywhere for this one little project so I decided to snap a photo.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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