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Form a Funnel

  • flexible draining tool
  • Drain hard-to-reach oil filters without a mess!
  • Reshape and reuse thousands of times
  • Easy to clean
  • see the video for the many uses


Wm. J. Redmond & Son, Inc. – Woodworking & Metalworking Machinery Supplier, Since 1943

AERA, Engine Rebuilders Association – check out the Used Shop Equipment Bulletin

Phase Converter Info and Sales rotary phase converters and static phase converters, 1 to 3, three phase power conversion.

Papaw’s Wrench – Dedicated to collectors, buyers , and sellers of old wrenches. Be sure to check out the Tool Talk forum.

  • an encyclopedia of home made tools
  • forums for posting questions and answers

Garage Journal – a forum to talk shop and tools

Alloy Artifacts – online resource for 20th century hand tools and the companies that made them. Pictures, history of the tools and the companies.