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Tucker, GA – 2nd Saturday – April – October

Current time: 11am to 2pm

No April Event this year

May 8th

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On the site above, there are links to photos showing events from months & years past.

They block off Main Street and park on each side of the street and if it is busy enough, down the middle of the street as well.

Tucker, Georgia – weather report link

If the above link changes, go to weather.gov and use Tucker, GA or the zip code 30084 to find out the latest weather predictions.

The Tucker Cruise-in is an old fashioned town meet and greet of the car community on Main Street in Tucker Georgia. Each Cruise-in takes place the second Saturday of every month from April to October.

We have vehicles ranging from antiques to street rods, motorcycles to imports. For a $5 registration fee, we have a place for you to show off what you’ve got!

The Location:

Main Street
Tucker, Georgia
(Google maps link, click above)

If you are using GPS:

you can plug in the intersection of Main Street & Lawrenceville Highway(29/8) in Tucker, Georgia 30084

If you want to put you ride into the show, the entrance is above, at Main Street and Railroad Avenue(the next road parallel to Lawrenceville Hwy).


Main Street & LaVista Road(236) Tucker, Georgia 30084

Old school text directions…

If you are coming off of I285 at LaVista Road… go outside the perimeter/EAST…

Then go past the Target and keep riding… you will ride past a bunch of neighbor hoods… you will pass through the Henderson road —- Brockett road intersection… you are getting closer.

Next intersection will be Fellowship road. There is a Chevron station on the left corner… and an animal clinic across from it. Continue on… Chamblee Tucker road merges in at an angle at this light… to the left is Tucker High School – to the right are some mechanic shops and a tire store. The next light with the high school on the left and the church on the corner at right… that is Main Street.

go to the light & turn right, onto Main Street.

As you go to the first intersection, they have the road blocked off at the light, but you can turn to the left and look for the parking lots of some churches and two or three banks which are usually not being used on a Saturday night. This is only importanant if you are not putting yer car in the show and just need a place to park.

If you are putting your vehicle into the show… ride around to the other end… Tucker has an old town layout, you can just ride parallel to Main Street to ease back down to the other end at the rail road tracks, which is aptly named, Railroad Avenue.


If you want to put your vehicle into the cruise in area, the entrance is on this side:

   I285 to Lawrenceville Highway, go outside the perimeter towards Tucker. Pass the Waffle House & QuikTrip… and keep riding. You will pass the Auto Zone on the left and keep going… go past the NAPA, also on the left… go past the DeKalb County fire station on the right next to the Mickey D’s… the next light at the top of the hill, is Main Street. There is a gas station on the left corner… turn left at the light.

Ease down Main Street. Cofer Bros. lumber supply will be on the left, Matthews Cafeteria on the right(it’s Saturday so they are closed, sorry)… the rail road tracks are just past there(slow down!!!), on the other side of the tracks is where they block off the road.

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