A series of images showing how the pieces go back together inside the rear brake drums. This is a super helpful series of photos if you are new to this! Photos and tutorial by nufsed / chevytalk Member # 46344 – this link will take you to nufsed’s webspace

For GM trucks… these images are from a mid 60’s chevy truck, the internal rear brake drum pieces. GM used this setup for many, many years.

  • 1966 c10 park brake cable routing photos

    The 1960-1966 Chevy C10 trucks had two different park brake cable systems.

    The 1960-1965 model years had a bar with some springs on it near or after the manual transmission area that was hooked to the cable in the cab and then by other cables on each side that went to the mechanisms inside the rear wheels.

    This was changed in the 1966 model year.

    The pictures here are of the 1966 and later Chevy c10/half ton trucks, park brake system.


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