one – 7.5 lb pork shoulder/boston butt

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1 – 7.5 lb pork shoulder/boston butt

July 4th, 2003 (Happy 227th America!)

I used lump charcoal, from Whole Foods.

I placed some dry out of the bag hickory wood chips all over the hot coals.

I used a 10 inch cast iron skillet for my drip pan, and I put a square grill on top of that. On this grill is where I placed the meat. I filled the skillet up with water.

Meat Preparation:

I washed the pork shoulder off good with water. I flipped it over to the non-fat side and cut a few slits in the meat. Into these slits I placed different spices I had laying around. I put black pepper into one slit, lemon peel into another and Italian seasoning in the other. I dry rubbed down the entire surface with celery seed and kosher/gourmet salt.

Placing on grill:

I placed the meat on the grill that sat on top of the cast iron skillet, which sat on top of the grill – fat side up.

Temperatures and time:

The dome temp was around 225-250 degrees F. I tried to maintain the dome temp. between 225 and 250 degrees F.

I closed the lid on the meat at 8:07am(EDT).

I checked it first about 1:45pm. The internal temp read about 170 degrees F. I added water to the drip pan and I poured one cup of apple vinegar over the pork, which ran over the sides into the drip pan.

The dome temp had slipped down to 200 – I also had left my tin if chips dead center in the fire, so it was blocking the lump from falling down into the center to catch on fire, so I had to pull the shoulder and the grill. While I was at it, I added more lump and stirred it up good, replaced everything and was back to smoking good in 20 minutes or so. In the past, while cooking whole chickens and turkeys, I never had a problem with the tin, but when smoking this long and using this much lump for such a long burn, I think I will just toss the chips on the coals. I did this earlier, but decided to use the tin also.

I then let the temp get back up to around 240-255.

I next checked it about 4:25pm or so, and the internal temp was reading as 190 in most places and 175-180 in a few others. I decided to let it smoke a little longer, so I added more water to the drip pan and poured another cup of apple vinegar over everything.

About 5:30pm, I checked the meat again. I stuck the thermometer in and it read right at 195-200 all over the shoulder. I pulled the meat off, fully wrapped it in tin foil and sat it in a cooler. About 45 minutes later, it was dove into by the assemblage whilst I wasn’t looking. I was going to wait an hour, but there was no need, it was very yummy.

End result:

The meat was very tender, easy to pull with finger or fork. Nice and juicy, melted in your mouth… just like pulled pork at an actual bbq place minus the sauce. I am very impressed with myself. It was very good and the family unit was very happy with it. 🙂

very happy with it. 🙂

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