Haralson Mill Covered Bridge in Rockdale, County Georgia

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Haralson Mill Covered Bridge in Rockdale County, Georgia.

This bridge spans Mill Rock Creek in Rockdale County Georgia, which feeds the Black Shoals Park & Lake, which is a county reservoir. It was built in 1997 when the road was improved and a bridge was needed. It is a mixture of old and new, using then current wood products, it also has it’s own fire suppression sprinkler system. This is not a Town Lattice design… and it is the only two lane covered bridge I have ever seen. I also like how it has pedestrian space on each side of the bridge. There is also a little hiking trail next to the lake with a picnic area if you ever stop by to check it out.

a .PDF file about the specifications and history of the bridge, from the Rockdale County website.

a video someone made of the bridge:

Rockdale County covered bridge… February 26, 2010

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