The Woogeroo’s AutoLinks FAQ.
(frequently asked questions)

What is this page for? 

This page is a collection of links to websites dealing with various contraptions that have internal combustion engines & steam engines. Cars, trucks, hot rods, off road, 4×4, steam engines, stationary engines & ton trucks.. whatever really. It is my automotive and engine related favorites/bookmark page for all the world to see.This page was started at another location back before the search engines became as handy as they are today. Now this page is essentially my own private collection of bookmarked automotive websites that I think I might find useful again someday, so I save them here.

Your website is very old Chevy/GMC truck heavy, why aren’t there more links for _____ ?

I have a 1965 Chevrolet C10 step side truck and my father has a ’53 Chevrolet truck.That is why there is more links and information relating to Chevy trucks than anything else. The rest of the links on this site are the results of me liking various old cars or from reading 4 wheel and off road magazine – I do not have a 4×4* I just think they are neat and I like the owners attitudes of “modify it until it works.” If you have a bunch of links for a section that you would like to see added, then email me the list of links(name of the site, what the site contains, and the URL)at the email address linked at the bottom of this page. This does not mean that I will add the links, but I will read it, eventually.

* yet. A boy can dream though….

What types of sites are linked?

Sites that sell parts for trucks, cars or motorcycles, boats, etc. A site that deals with rebuilding a certain type of motor. Pages that deal with specific types of cars no matter what year model, or maybe only a certain body style. If it has an engine and runs or has wheels and moves… stationary engines are cool too!

What types of parts sites are listed?

Used, New Old Stock(NOS), replacement and custom parts for racing or modification.

How does a site get added to Woogeroo’s AutoLinks?

You send me a message at the link up top with the URL of the site you want added. I will  go view the site. If it has anything to do with this page I will add a link to it. That is, as soon as I figure out exactly where in the page to put it.

What do you get for putting all these links up on the web? Why did you build this web page?

I do not receive anything for putting these links up. While  searching online I acquired several hundred links to automotive related things. I was looking for a way to share them with pals or random people I met in online old Chevy truck forums that asked about parts & information sources.  I put up this simple web page so the links were always available to whomever could make use of them.

Do you have Owner pages linked?

Yes, Owner Pages are linked. I place them on the pages that relate to the vehicles the Owner Pages deal with.

You say you have Owner pages linked, but what is an Owner page?

What I refer to as an Owner page, is a page that someone made for their personally owned vehicles. In most cases it is one car or truck that someone has restored or is working on. In some cases it is a web page dedicated to several different cars or trucks, sometimes of the same model. It may be a blog such as this one, a website or simply a highly detailed photo album with lots of captions. For an example, you can visit the Owner Page I have for my ’65 Chevy truck:  Matraca

Did you know that you have duplicate links in some places?


The reason for this is that some sites fit into several categories at once. For instance, a site may sell parts for both cars and trucks from a certain time period, so I have them listed under both Cars and Trucks. A company may also sell different aftermarket goodies for various parts of a car, so I put them around in the primary areas so that I and others, can quickly find them later on.

Some of the sites/companies listed have the link to their website plus a description and contact information. Why are only some of the links like that? How do I get my site/company listed like that?

If you would like your site/company listed and linked in such a way, then link to this page and let me know about it. Below is an example of such a listing and the information required:

*Example* Company Name – URL placed here *Example*

We sell used, new old stock, reproduction parts, for 1756-2150 prairie wagons… (just kidding!)

In business since 782 B.C. – Since 782 B.C. Etc..

Owner: Joe Schmo or Big Huge conglomerate

3092 Main Street
West Bumble, Some State, Province or what not 00001

Hours of operation / what hours orders can be taken by phone – if different / time zone / can orders be taken on website, yes/no? / what type of confirmation of an order will the purchaser recieve if they order on the website? phone call, email, good wishes, etc.? monetary compensation you accept? cash, check, charge, debit, certain credit/debit cards only? in person/in state check only?

telephone numbers – shop numbers? to order numbers? to ask questions numbers?
Fax: if applicable – E-mail: to order? to ask questions? If separate, please state

E-mail: webmaster email for your site, if different from either above email address

You, your webmaster or agent should email me and let me know if any of the above information changes, if you have such a link listing on Woogeroo’s Autolinks. If your site changes URLS, your company changes phone numbers, if you pick up the business and move to another state/galaxy/dimension… I will not know anything about it if you do not inform me. So, if you wish to keep your information up to date, just drop me a line. 🙂

In closing

This website is strictly a hobby for me; it is not a business or an obsession. I update it when I am in the mood. Sometimes I might tinker on it for 5 minutes, other times I might mess with it for 2 hours, it depends on what I am adding or changing. The whole point of this web page is to provide the automotive related links that I have gathered, semi-cataloged for anyone to see at any time of the day.