1966 park brakes and later style layout

Pictures of the Emergency/Park brake cable system on a 1966 Chevrolet C10(half ton) – Model 1504 – Long Wheel Base Pickup.

This system was used on Chevrolet C10 from 1966 to 1972. If needed, it can be added to the earlier model, 1960-1965 trucks. The main reasons for doing this swap are as follows:

1) you really, really lower your ’60-’65 truck. If you do, the stock e-brake mechanism will be in the way. The ’66-’72 system will tuck up out of the way… well, at least out of the way of the ground… 😀

2) you add a later model transmission, and you do not want to lower the stock ’60-’65 mechanism underneath it, like the one in this photo here.

3) parts availability and simplicity of installation. If your stock setup has been removed and you don’t want to search for that mechanism, it is fairly simple to switch over. The parts are easier to find as well, as of late 2013.

There are five sets of photos, linked below on this site:

1) a long wheel base step side showing the cable routing underneath with the bed still on.

2) a long wheel base fleet side, without a bed on it, so you can see the view from the top of the frame and how the cables are routed, with the various guides.

3) shows inside the brake drums on the rear. Also, photos of the guides, hangers and other items related to routing the cables.

4) where the e-brake cable attaches to the handle under the dash

5) a set of photos, showing the system as installed on my personal ’65 C10.

8 pictures – 1966 Chevy Stepside lwb emergency brake cable system routing

8 pictures – 1966 Chevy fleetside lwb emergency brake cable system – different truck, with the bed removed, showing view from the top of the frame

Emergency/Park brake cable system, cable routing and drums, photos, diagrams, etc..

e-brake handle – cable connection – under the dash

photos of the system, as installed in my 1965 Chevrolet C10 long wheel base step side.

This set of photos is hosted elsewhere, but it is a great set of photos showing the assembly procedure for the rear brakes!

A series of images showing how the pieces go back together inside the rear brake drums.
Photos by nufsed / chevytalk Member # 46344

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