one – 6.25 lb spatchcocked chicken

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1 6.25 lb spatchcocked chicken
(my first one)

July 27th, 2003

I smoked my first ever spatchcocked chicken, with a dry rub.
Spatchcock: ya cut out the backbone of the chicken using kitchen/poultry shears. You flip the bird over, and press the bird flat. What was the inside, or cavity of the bird, is now the bottom of the bird. The legs and wings are all on the top. You place the bird inside down, onto the grill.

I used the following spices:

black pepper

lemon peel

Italian seasoning

gourmet/kosher salt

chilli powder

I rubbed the above spices all over the bird, before placing it on the grill. Generally, you dry rub meat several hours before cooking time. In some case, you dry rub the night before and let it sit overnight in the fridge in some kind of container. On this day though, I went and bought the chicken, brought it home, washed it off, cut it open and rubbed it down. When the fire got up to temperature, I put it on Egg.

I placed the bird on the grill, inside down.

The dome temperature was 225-250 degrees F during the cooking of this bird.

I left the bird on for 2 hours, and checked it with a ‘stick it in and wait’ thermometer. Most of the bird was 170-175 degrees F, though a few spots were around 160 degrees F, so I let it sit on for, maybe another 20 minutes.

When I went to take the bird off, it was so tender, it came apart in 3 pieces. Ooops! I took these pieces, placed it on a large piece of tinfoil I had placed nearby. I wrapped the meat up in the foil and then placed it in a cooler. I let the meat sit in the cooler for half an hour before eating.

The meat was done just right, juicy and tender.. with the spices adding to the flavor. I like this spatchcock method and I will definitely use it again.


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