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tweaked and refined the Chevy/GMC trucks parts vendors list

updated The semi-famous Chevrolet/GMC Truck Parts Vendors List today. Tweaked a few type-o’s, removed a vendor that is no longer around, added some details to a few other vendor entries and generally just did some clean up on the size of … Continue reading

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today’s updates

tweaked the Autolinks section(s) today. Added links to : salvage yards, cars, trucks, the chevy/gmc truck parts vendors list & engines pages. Also removed some broken links I found, from here and there, mainly forums no longer in operation. -W

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thought for the day : Courage….

  Courage – “When Fuck this shit!” outweighs “I have a bad feeling about this”.  

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lyrical quote of the day… July 7th, 2014

  “ya try to ban the A.K.? I got ten of ’em stashed with a case of hand grenades!” from Ice-T with his metal band, Body Count in their eponymous song : Body Count which was also on Ice-T’s O.G. … Continue reading

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looking for an old program/app?

  Looking for an old program / application? Maybe you are looking for an alternative to a program that was discontinued? Well, here are some places to look. -W – because newer is not always better! … Continue reading

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