Big City Boil – Xmas 2013

It was decided that we were doing a Low Country Boil for Christmas dinner. Yay, one big pot, a few bowls, lots of good eatin’, easy clean up!

You can look up : low country boil to find out the different ways people do it. It’s fun and tasty too!

A buddy of mine in the country thinks it’s funny that we use frozen corn and shrimps… so he calls it the ‘Big Cittay Boil!’ hence, the title.

Order of operations:

big pot with water, bring to boil. add in crab boil seasoning mix/bag thingy

add potatoes, boil

add sausage, boil

add corn, boil

add shrimp! (and more shrimp!) boil.

ta da! Get bowls, eat with cornbread or biscuits… or if you are feeling indulgent, both!

O.K., on to some action shots, with captions.


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