sway bar options for 1960-1966 Chevrolet/GMC trucks

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sway bars on our trucks – reviews ?? – (link still good as of 12/31/2020)
#1022873 – 11/20/04 02:16 PM


Hiya folks…

I was cruising through a few aftermarket parts sites that sell sway bars that are specifically for our trucks and I was wondering if any of you guys/gals have installed them on your trucks? I am just curious as to how well they work, if it is worth the money and the trouble…

Thanks all.



Hey Woo, I did a lot of looking and opted for the one (front) from LMC Truck. Seemed to be the best all round value at the time. Made a tremendous difference in greatly reducing body roll and greatly improved handeling on the curves. I had already replaced all the shocks and the frontend had been rebuilt by the PO. Well worth the $150.00.

Max in Marietta
65 lwbss


I have heard that the handling products (front, rear bar) from hellwig are pretty good for our trucks.


I used the heavy duty front sway bar from Early Classic Ent. B I G difference !! Handles like a slot car ….

There are differences of opinion on if these trucks need rear sway bars. I’m in the “it’s not needed” camp as there is little weight over the rear, even in my panel truck. But,,, it can’t hurt I suppose.

Chevy Stepside

I used one out of a 75 chevy truck… I can’t tell you what the differnce is becasue I never drove the truck without it but it doesn’t roll much but im also lowered 3″ in the front.. The back IMO does not need one… Without even anyone telling me I know one in the front will make a differnce.. Better then none… The sway bar out of a Chevy Truck is 1 1/16″ thick… I also used Energy Suspension Bushings too…


I’ve got the front SB from ECE and love it.

I will say I didn’t shop around for them, as I was already ordering the whole front disc brake/drop spindle/master cylinder sha-bang from them anyway.


I have a stock one (about 1″ thick) and in my opinion the truck could handle better. I used new bushings on the bar when I rebuilt the front end. It handles better than the stock trucks without a bar. Maybe I’m just nit-pickin’.


Rebuilding the front end will make a huge improvement. Adding a sway bar makes it about twice as good. I can’t remember where I bought mine, but its 1 1/8. I don’t have a rear sway bar.


I goy my front sway bar from LMC, it’s for my 66. I’ve lined it up on my truck and I don’t like the fit. Plus, there is an angle bracket that you bolt to the lower control arm.I’m not happy with that either.
I went to the junk yard and saw how the later stock models worked. They’re a lot better at the control arm and they have hangers on the frame for mounting the bar. I probably could have got it for fifty bucks.

So anyway, I’m having issues with installation:

1. Have you guys drilled and bolted to your lower control arm?
2. Did you guys bolt it right on the frame, or have it hanging down from some U shaped brackets?
3. Pictures please

help appreciated—Jim—he who’s truck is still in the garage and will be till spring.


Just to put a new twist, does anyone have a preference between the bars that mount directly to the control arms wiht brackets or the ones that come with end links. The bars with braket mounts would seem to be the sturdier of the two. Any opinions?


Here’s another one – link to image: 2-3-1.jpg from tkdtkd

Thanks for the picture. I was wondering if there is any stress on that control arm mount? But I guess that’s the way it’s designed, so that’s the way I should install it.


70111343.jpg from Barn

70111343.jpg – 46.9 KB

Here’s where mine is installed.

Also noticed today that REZ has one (1-1/8″) for 129.00 just so ya’ll know.


Here is mine.. This is from a stock 75 Chevy Truck.. Both sway bar and brackets… If it didnt work or you want to see a bigger picture then use the link below..


cssb63a.jpg – 76.6 KB


cssb63b.jpg – 75.7 KB

Note: mounted on a ’63 stepside


Woogeroo, I’m not sure about Barn, but mine looks just like that and is stock. It’s either 7/8″ or 1″….the brackets that mount to the frame can be found on 64-72 trucks if I remember correctly. Energy Suspension sells generic poly-urethane bushings for fairly cheap….that’s what I used on mine and I love it. Noticed a real difference in handling/cornering. LMC sells multiple swaybars, one is supposed to be repo of stock and others are pure aftermarket. Not the best pic but….


14480702.jpg – 41.2 KB

Quote from ChevroletC10:

“the brackets that mount to the frame can be found on 64-72 trucks if I remember correctly “
I know the 60-66 chevy trucks did not come with sway bars.. Im not sure about 67-72 though.. I know 73 and up have them..


Quote from Chevy_Stepside:
“I know the 60-66 chevy trucks did not come with sway bars.. Im not sure about 67-72 though.. I know 73 and up have them.. “

Actually that’s not true….the one I have on my truck was removed from a 64 stepside and the brackets had factory rivets holding them to the frame. I’ve also seen three or four other trucks with this setup. They aren’t that common, but they did/do exist.


The factory sway bars are interchangeable from ’63 thru ’87. It is the same bar, only varying in girth. I seem to remember that ’63 & ’64 trucks had bar available, but the lower A arms were not drilled for them unless installed at the factory. ’65 and up thru ’87 had holes drilled ready for bar install. 1/2 and 3/4 ton bars were the same, 1 ton and up were different. 3/4 ton and suburban beyond a certain year, (that I’m not sure of), had bars installed as standard equip. ’60-’62 trucks also had optional bars available, but were an “end link” type of set up used with the open lower “A” arms on the torsion bar suspension. Have never seen one for ’60-’62 other than the diagrams in the assembly manual. After a quick eyeballing, I think the later bar could be adapted for use on the torsion bar front end.


I swapped the complete unit from an 86 for my 65 C10. It was hell chiselling out the frame rivets, but a grinder would make it quite easy.I had to drill 2 holes in the frame, the other 6 were all there!! New bushings at Napa.Easy job.MONSTER improvement after having none.

Rich 5150 69

To all of you that have changed or put new sway bars on , has anybody put one on the rear? I`ve done that to a 68 dart, front and rear which created really quick steering almost ( oversteer ) wonder if it would do the same to our trucks? Rich


I added a 73-87 front sway bar (1 1/16th)on mine and got a 1 1/8th off a supra to fit the back with alittle modification to it and man what a difference. that thing corners like theres no tommorrow.Way different than before.


so when yer mounting up a sway bar on one of our trucks… how do you know exactly where to mount it on the control arms? I mean do you jack it up to do it, install it under load or what? Hmn. Just curious…



Re: sway bars on our trucks – reviews ?? [Re: Woogeroo]
#1030439 – 11/28/04 01:39 AM


Install it under load. Jack stands under the control arms.



Re: sway bars on our trucks – reviews ??
#1196143 – 04/29/05 08:35 PM

I got the one from ECE, simply because it attached directly to the 1966 factory holes in the lower control arm. It just looks more solid, although I’m sure both (attachments) are equally effective. I must say that the installation was about the easiest thing I did on this truck. It’s a beefy piece of metal. ..I’d go with this one Woog. …Greg
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posted 11-20-2004 02:27 PM in The Engine and Driveline shop(forum is now just ‘the engine shop’, but still has lots of older threads related to the drive line in there)

sway bars 60-66 trucks – pros/cons different types?? – (link still good as of 12/31/2020)


The guys on chevy talk started typing about the different types of sway bars… I have a post about it down below… now I’m really confused!


*** my original 1st post ***

Hiya folks…

I was cruising through a few aftermarket parts sites that sell sway bars that are specicifically for the 1960-1966 trucks and I was wondering if any of you guys/gals have installed them on your trucks? I am just curious as to how well they work, and if it is worth the money and the trouble… pros and cons, etc..

I’ve read what the vendors sites have written, but what is the low down?

Thanks all.



Hey Woogeroo,
I put a 78 3/4 ton 2WD Chevy sway bar, brackets and end links on my 64 1/2 ton. All you have to do is drill mounting holes in your frame and lower control arms to make this easy upgrade work,


i have a sway bar and mounts from a 1980 c10.it works great.my truck handles real well.


Is there actually a bar listed for the ’60-’62 trucks(with torsion bar front suspension) If so, I could sure use that info.



I’m not sure, but if something like that exists Jolly would be the one who might know… he knows so many interesting things like that about the ’60-’66 trucks.



I stole the front bar from a 1980 1/2 ton. Buy new Moog bushings from Advance Auto, they are urethane. I have a Brother’s rear bar. Truck handles like a slot car compared to what it did handle like. Worth every penny. Brian


LMC offers performance bars for the 60 to 66 trucks. It should fit a 60 to 62 no problem,


A link to my thread on the chevytalk page(listed above in this document) was posted here

Now the guys over there are asking about:

” Just to put a new twist, does anyone have a preference between the bars that mount directly to the control arms with brackets or the ones that come with end links. The bars with braket mounts would seem to be the sturdier of the two. Any opinions? “

So, what exactly are they talking about… and what do you guys think?

When you get a sway bar used off another year model truck, do you just take those parts off or do ya need to get other parts… or what?



Woog, there are two different sway bars that will work on these trucks; one is the factory type for these year trucks. This type has eyes on the ends of the bar, and I think the bar connects to a rod that is bolted to the lower control arm; correct me if I’m wrong about the boltup, anyone…

The other type is the factory type for the later model trucks, 1973-87. This is what you would be buying from LMC if you bought an upgrade package. These bars slide into a rubber bushing that is bolted to the lower control arm. If you use this type, just like 48bigtrucks said, you will have to drill holes in your frame and your lower control arm, but that is only if you use your original control arms. I bolted a ’75 crossmember (which already had a sway bar) to my ’64 frame, and all I had to do was drill holes in the frame. Check out my website; I documented the swap.

Hope I helped.


for all those a little less experienced, what are sway bars and what do they help do?

Fran and Gord

Good question, Murdoc. A better term for “sway bar” is “anti-roll” bar. An anti-roll bar is a torsion bar that mounts across the frame, connecting the left and right suspension components together. When the vehicle rolls in a turn, the bar resists the roll by twisting. Controlling the roll makes the vehicle handle better. Front anti-roll bars are common with the independent front suspension that the 60’s and later trucks have.

Here’s a picture of a truck anti-roll bar (GM called them stabilizer bars):


stab-bar.jpg – 33.1 KB


Bkndsdl1 – ah, thanks. It makes much more sense now.

Fran and Gord, nifty.
thanks to all.


posted 11-24-2004 08:15 AM11-24-2004 08:15 AM


Besides reducing roll in turns,installing a sway bar on the front will lessen the grip of the front tires, making the vehicle under steer more in turns.For something like a PU truck,most drivers feel better with a front end that runs a little wide in turns rather than ass steering.

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Front Sway Bar Install on a 1966 C10 Chevrolet pickup. This article has several excellent step by step black and white shots of the Early Classic sway bar kit being installed. Great information! This article is relevant to the stock height, 1963-1972 Chevy/GMC trucks.

This link does not work anymore, as Classic Trucks has been shut down.
(as of 12/31/2020)

I tried the way back machine on archive.org, but no luck on the photos there, but the text of the article is there if you’d like to read it.

If anyone has an archived file of this article or a scan, I’ll be happy to add it here or link to it, let me know!

Taking The Sway Away(article link)
Simple and Affordable Better Handling

From the February, 2009 issue of Classic Trucks
By Bo Dumoor

Adding a Front Sway Bar on Persh’s Idea Page
(links still good as of 12/31/2020)

  • a 1966 Chevy C20, using the sway bar from a 1983 Chevy Suburban 1/2 ton.

1965 Chevrolet C10 lwb Step side – sway bar install photos(09/23/2012), with details.

by Woogeroo

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