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I am Woogeroo.

A few things about me:

  • I like mechanical things.
    • trucks
    • tractors
    • firearms
    • cars
    • tools
  • I have an over active sense of fairness. I really do not like or tolerate bullies of any kind.
  • I believe in equality for all people.
  • I believe I have the innate right to self preservation and I do not need your permission in order to preserve my life by any means necessary.
  • I would rather not have much of anything, than be in debt up to my eyeballs.
  • I believe adults have the right to perform whatever consensual acts between them that they so choose to do, without these activities being any of my beeswax, as long as I am not expected to foot the bill for their mistakes. If you want to have a good time, pay your own tab.
  • I like music and attending musical concerts of folks who can actually perform live.
  • I like old buildings and old things.
    • furniture
    • cookware(especially anything cast iron or old)
    • tools
  • I like to cook.
    • Specialties include whipping up scrambled eggs with a spice rack raid
    • hand rolled biscuits in a cast iron skillet
    • baking cakes and cookies
    • smoking meat on a grill with wood smoke.
  • I love to learn, but I do not care for school. Tho’, I have graduated from a few.
  • I like to read books.
    • fiction and non-fiction.
    • My non-fiction revolves around my above stated interests, history and the old things I like.
  • I do not like censorship. Censorship is like gun control, just another form of control. If you don’t trust me to read what I like and formulate my own decisions… or if you do not trust me not to shoot you with my firearms, then you do not trust me. Period.

House of Woogeroo

This is my primary web log, which covers a variety of my interests and hobbies, which include but are not limited to:

  • automotive contraptions, things with engines, mostly old cars, old tractors and older trucks
  • books / book stores / on line reading content
  • cooking
  • firearms / owning, shooting, the civil rights related to them, maintenance, etc..
  • music
  • 1960-1966 Chevrolet Trucks(since I own a 1965 C10)
  • Smoking meats… on a grill… with wood smoke…
  • other food related goodies n’ things
  • Moonshine – illicit liquor, making it, hauling it, smuggling it; a list of books and websites
  • Old houses, buildings and other structures – like covered bridges, old fancy house museums, barns, old commercial buildings, etc..
  • whatever else strikes my fancy…

The web log, linked below is all about my old truck, it includes:

  • Photos
  • repair logs(as in how I fixed something)
  • details about my specific truck

Matraca – my 1965 Chevrolet C10 lwb step side

Just so you know or in case you are wondering… the profiles listed below belong to other people and I have nothing to do with them:

I am no longer on MySpace as of June 2011.





I am not on Facebook either, tho’ there is a Woogeroo Art Group on there(not I!).

So, if they spill your drink or put dirt in yer coffee, it was not me!

If you are curious if I am the same Woogeroo you saw post on a forum somewhere, see the Haunts section up above for a list of the places I frequent online. On most forums my avatar is a front shot of my old ’65 C10 or a big red W on a black background.

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