one – 1.5 lb pork loin

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1 – 1.5 lb Pork Loin
(my first one)

The small size, was due to this piece of meat being left over in the deep freeze from something else my mother had cooked. She wanted me to give pork loin a try on the Egg. I figured a small piece was better to try first anyway, in case I ruined it. 🙂
July 27th, 2003

I smoked my first ever pork loin, with a dry rub.

I used the following spices:

black pepper

Italian seasoning

gourmet/kosher salt

chilli powder

I rubbed the spices all over the pork loin. I did not rub it down the night before cooking, as I was tired and decided not to bother. I rubbed everything on the pork about 30 minutes or so before placing on the grill.

I placed the pork loin, on a v rack which sat on top of the grill. I did not use a drip pan.

The dome temperature was 225-250 degrees F during the cooking of the pork loin.

I checked the pork loin about an hour in, due to it’s small size. It was between 150-155 degrees F. I pulled it off the grill, wrapped it in foil and placed it in a cooler. I was going to wait 30 minutes before I dove into it, but I was hungry so I only waited about 20 minutes before eating it.

The pork was done all the way through and juicy. I used a bit too much salt and chilli powder, but that was just over application on my part. Ooops. It was still good eating and did not last long.

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