2 small racks of Pork Loin Ribs

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2 small racks of ribs(about 4 lbs each – I think. eh, it was earlier.)

June 29th, 2003

I used lump charcoal, from Whole Foods.

I placed some hickory wood chips(soaked in water for about a half hour before)

I threw a few chips directly into the coals.

I use a small tin to place wood chips in, with tin foil on the top with holes poked in it. I place this tin directly on the coals, under the grill. I only recently started messing with using the tinfoil. The original point of using a tin, is after you are done smoking, you pull out the tin with the smoking wood chips and put them out with water. Then, the next time you smoke you can reuse them along with fresh wood chips.

Meat Preparation:

I took the ribs and dry rubbed black pepper, salt and Italian seasoning on the meaty side.

Placing on grill:

I placed them directly on the grill, bone side down.

Temperatures and time:

The dome temp was around 200-225 degrees F. I tried to maintain the dome temp. between 215 and 250 degrees F.

At about 30-35 minutes in, I poured a little apple vinegar on each set of ribs, on the meat side. I then let them continue to smoke.

At around 45-50 minutes in, I flipped the ribs, meat side down onto the grill and I let them smoke about 10-15 minutes more.

I do this last part, to make sure they are done, and I like my ribs with just a slight crispy crunch to them. Well, so far anyway. 🙂

When, the time was up, I took them off, sliced them up and they were pretty good. 🙂

End result:

The ribs had a slight crispy crunch to them, and you could bite them off of the bone. They were not so tender as to ‘fall’ off the bone, but you did not have to tear at them. Just bite into them with no effort, and ‘mmmmm good’ meat.

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