license plate bracket for 1960-1966 trucks

This page is all about the license plate bracket on the 1960-1966 Chevrolet C10 rear step side bumper.

The rear bumper was different between the Fleet side and the step side. The Fleet side bumper was straight, from side to side at the back of the bed. The step side bumper curved around the side of the box and formed into a point which pointed at the back of the rear fenders.

“66stepside” on the Stovebolt page sent me the majority of the photos linked below.

(this link has 13 photos on it, it will take a while to load if you have a slow connection)

66stepside took pics of the backside of the bumper to show the holes in the bumper and how everything lines up from the backside. What a truck pal, eh?

I also added a few other images of the license plate bracket that people have sent me to the same folder.

One other was sent to me by Alan’s Classic and I forget who sent me the other one! Dang it.

Most of the bumpers in those years were dealer installed, and they didn’t all come from the same distributor. Some were even custom made/welded by the dealerships themselves.

Here’s a pic of the dealer bumper and plate bracket that were on my 62 when I bought it:

If you have an indent or cutout in your dealer bumper, the plate may have mounted there, or they often mounted onto the filler panel below the tailgate.

They used the same set-up 1955 – 1966 for a factory step side rear bumper.

licenseplatebolts nametagged

1960-1966 step side rear bumper, license plate bracket, bolt measurement.

Photo by member Bama Blue of – July 2016


Markeb01 of multiple Chevrolet truck forums, sent me this note about the bolts on the rear bumper of his 1960 GMC truck  :

The center of the carriage bolts on my rear bumper are exactly 5/8” back from the upper front edge of the bumper.  Hopefully this will help some. 

1960 – 1966 Chevrolet Truck Information Section


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