Euharlee, Georgia – Covered Bridge

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Photos taken March 25th, 2010, February 20th, 2013 and February 25th 2016.

Euharlee, Georgia is outside of Cartersville, Georgia.

These photos show the bridge itself, the ruins of the mill immediately downstream of the bridge and various other structures.

The last time I visited there is now a chain link fence around the ruins of the mill, I guess to prevent people from stealing the metal in there or something.

The bridge is closed to vehicle traffic, but it is open to walk back and forth across it.

Judging from the progression of photos, it seems they have been cleaning up the foundation of the ruined mill. They cleaned out the over growth and looks like they repaired and squared up the old walls as well. I am curious as to what they are going to do with it. – Feb. 2016

If you are having a hard time finding the bridge, the

Emmie Nelson Public Library, Euharlee GA

is right next to the bridge at this address :

116 Covered Bridge Road
Euharlee GA 30120

The gravel parking lot in the photos, is between this library and the bridge itself.

They have moved the museum /welcome center(as of Feb. 2016) to a brick building that is farther down the road, but it is easy to find, you might pass it on the way in.

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Covered Bridges

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