Woogeroo‘s list of Haunts.
(the places I hang around online)

last tinkered with on:  November 20th, 2018

What is this page for?

This page is a list of forums/websites that I am registered at under the name of Woogeroo. These are the sites I visit to get information and when I can, to share what little I have learned or compiled. As you can see, if it has wheels, gears or a trigger, I find it pretty interesting.

The Stovebolt Page

  • pre-’73 GM trucks on-line resource
  • since 1995
  • Forums – Tech Articles – free classifieds(Swap Meet, parts, trucks, literature)
  • Also check their ‘links‘ section for parts vendors, products & other great stuff for old trucks
  • A great list of Books for working on old GM trucks
  • I am a Volunteer Staff Member, in the forums section.
  • I am a Site Supporter of this page.
  • I stop by this site daily.

Chevy Talk

  • anything and everything Chevrolet, car or truck
  • 1917 – current forums for the trucks

Chevy Xtreme

  • 1946 & older
  • 1947-1959
  • 1960-1966
  • 1967-1972
  • 1973-1987
  • 1988-1998
  • also to whatever is current… 😀


1960 to newer Chevy trucks

  • 1960-1966
  • 1967-1972
  • 1973-1987
  • 1988-1998
  • GMC Trucks Section
  • K Series trucks(4×4)
  • various forums for the different areas of the truck, body, driveline, electrical, etc..

Below are other sites I am registered at as Woogeroo. I check these out and post to them from time to time:

Jalopy Journal & the H.A.M.B. Forum

  • honest to goodness hot rods and kustoms,
  • build ’em and drive ’em.
  • If you like older hot rods/customs that use older pieces and parts, this is the place for you.
  • cut off is date is the 1964 model year. later models that look the same as the ’64 model year are allowed.
  • The reason for the cutoff date is so that no Mustangs & no Muscle Cars are allowed.

Jockey Journal & Forum – old motorcycles and customs, build ’em and ride ’em.

Old GMC trucks

Garage Journal – a forum to talk shop and tools

Hotrodders.com – whatever year, whatever make

Inliners International – devoted to all Inline engine powered vehicles. If it is an inline engine and you want to know, someone there knows. 

Classic Parts Talk – a forum for questions and answers on the Classic Parts of America – 1947-’87 – Chevy/GMC truck parts vendor website 

  • Classic Parts of America was known as Chevy Duty until early 2006.

Old IHC(International Harvester Corporation) Trucks Special Interest Group – forum, classifieds, tech articles.com – Mosty the 1973-87 and 1988-1998 full size

Antique Truck Historical Society – forums, articles, classifieds, information

Ford Truck Enthusiasts

4btswaps.com – Diesel Conversions Knowledge base

  • We are a web site about diesel conversions into all vehicles though we are heavily focused on the famous Cummins 4BT engine.


FullSizeBronco.com – 1978-1996 Ford Bronco Enthusiasts

TrailVoy.com – The Chevrolet TrailBlazer & GMC Envoy Forum


  • forums for everything Oldsmobile – tech, gallerys, etc..


  • a forum for the Chevrolet and GMC Series Trucks

Vintage Chevrolet Club of America – Chevy Chatter(forums)

The Diesel Garage – diesel pickups – mods – tech – forums

Antique Automobile Club of America 

Collectible Automobile Discussion Forums hosted by the Antique Automobile Club of America – founded in 1935

Steve’s Nova Site – 1962-1979 Chevy II/Nova/Acadians – Q&A forums, classifieds

atvsource.com – ATV/UTV forums

Nasty z28.com – Second Generation Camaro Owners Group – classifieds, forums, articles, links

The Diesel Place – Forums – Chevy/GMC diesel powered trucks

Camaros.net by Team Camaro – classifieds, forums, articles – mostly 1st/2nd Gen

Cadillac Power – forums, articles, classifieds, photo album – for anything powered with a Cadillac motor. Friendly folks…

Ford Barn – all new forums online and active May 2010

  • Model T (1909-1927)
  • Model A (1928-31)
  • Early V8 (1932-53)
  • Late V8 (1954+)
  • previous forums will be archived! Lots of great information in there as well.

Metal Meet – metal shaping community of Enthusiasts & Professionals – classifieds, forums, articles

Metal Shapers Association – classifieds, forums, articles

Pavementsucks.com – off road vehicles – classifieds, forums, articles

Papaw’s Wrench – Dedicated to collectors , buyers , and sellers of old wrenches. Be sure to check out the Tool Talk forum.


  • auto math
  • forums
  • drag racing information

Pirate 4×4.com – off road vehicles – classifieds, forums, articles

eggheadforum.com – The official online community for the Big Green Egg

ColoradoK5 Forums – a great forum for the 1969-1991 K5 Blazer/Jimmy(including GM Trucks and Suburbans)

Tech Support Forum – for computer help, pc, mac, linux, Mozilla browsers, etc..


ApplianceJunk.com – a neat forum that is all about the appliances in your house. Good information and lots of scanned repair manuals, parts lists, etc..


  • an encyclopedia of home made tools
  • forums for posting questions and answers

Musical Artist website Forums that I am registered at under the name of Woogeroo. So, if you see some posts over there… yes, it’s me.

SDMF Worldwide

Firearm website Forums that I am registered at under the name of Woogeroo.

The Firing Line – forums, reviews, tech articles, handloading – lotsa stuff

ar15.com – forums for AR15, AK47, handguns, Armory

1911Forum.com – all about model 1911 style .45 ACP pistols




Single Actions – tech articles and forum by Lee Martin Custom Sixguns

Single Actions forum on ProBoard

I play Minecraft on various survival servers, as Woogeroo

I am on the Discord App as : Woogeroo

Just so you know or in case you are wondering… the profiles listed below belong to other people and I have nothing to do with them.





I am not on Facebook either, tho’ there is a Woogeroo Art Group on there(not I!).

I am no longer on MySpace as of June 2011.

So, if any of the above profiles/usernames hurt your feelings, spill your drink or put dirt in yer coffee, it was not me!