1960 – 1966 : 700r4 transmission swap

Once upon a time I was pondering the swap of the later model 700r4 – four speed automatic transmission into my 1965 Chevrolet lwb step side pickup.

This article includes some interesting threads and tidbits I found along the way about the 700r4 and some of the things to consider when doing the swap. Also, there is a list of some of the “little things” to take into consideration.

This document is merely a place to get started, I hope it helps.


what donors to look for a 700r4 out of?
#1600979 – 08/19/06 11:12 PM

what donors to look for a 700r4 out of?

one 1988 – 19992 – 700r4 (tranny) out of a truck or burb

commercial clutch pack for tranny

tv cable

tv cable bracket for hooking to carb

mount to align tv cable properly

move back a few inches or replace transmission crossmember

shifter needing extra position if you want to use low gear

lockup converter wiring(I’ve read about that at bowtie overdirves)

a new filler tube and dipstick

depending on what year 700r4 tranny, other things to make the spedometer come out reading correctly.

other tips:

Run a separate tranny cooler

700R4 Installation into a 1952 chevy pickup (with lots of pics)


GM 700R4 Trans. Info


2004r and 700r4 specialists


Torque Converter Explanation ( bowtie overdrives )


700R4 Information


Throttle Valve Cable system 101 – lots of step by step details with images and diagrams.


this site for your tranny dimensions:



You can make up your own lockup switch by using this diagram:


Problem with just a switch that you hit when you are on the highway – is that you may forget to do it. This will overheat the trans and
dramatically shorten it’s life. The TCC solenoid MUST BE KICKED IN
when in 4th gear for any length of time or the trans WILL overheat –
regardless of what trans cooler you have.

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