National Motor Vehicle Title Information System

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is an electronic system that provides consumers with valuable information about a vehicle’s condition and history. Prior to purchasing a vehicle, NMVTIS allows consumers to find information on the vehicle’s title, most recent odometer reading, brand history, and, in some cases, historical theft data.

Need some information on getting a project vehicle that has been sitting for awhile registered and on the road? This isn’t a government site, but it has a lot of information for dealing with the governments in your State about getting your project registered.

Go here to get going in the right direction:

Tag & Title Toolbox

Check the site for specifics related to your state. There is a downloadable .PDF document listing the rules and things for each one.

That site and the information therein is courtesy of SEMA SAN

NOTE: If the direct URL changes, it was listed under Resources / Titling & Registration / Tag & Title Toolbox on the SEMA SAN site.

As always, check the details and laws BEFORE fixing up the vehicle!

If you have any confusion, consult an attorney in your area that deals with this area of the legal arena.

SEMA SAN = SEMA Action Network / they lobby governments for fair rules for old and modified/restored vehicles. Check them out and read up on what is going on “legal-wise” in your area.

SEMA = Specialty Equipment Market Association