Car Related Events


Sites to look for automobile related happenings :

South East Wheels Events / Events section for Georgia
(this list is not as thorough as it once was, but it is still active)

What’s Happenin
link to a .pdf file with a list of car related events in Georgia/Alabama/Florida, this list is updated through out the year and is a good place to find out about things.

A list of various car clubs in Georgia

This is an extensive list of car clubs all over the State of Georgia for every type of vehicle.

There are also links to their sites or other online pages.

Most, but not all car club sites have event schedules for their area, so this is a good place to explore if you are looking for events to attend or participate in.

Specific automobile events with details, times, days of the month, locations, etc..

With the Covid-19 pandemic still ongoing here in 2021, check each cruise in site/social media links for rules, requirements and last minute cancellations!

Also, don’t be an ass, wear a mask!

This list last tweaked: 06/06/2021

Tucker, Georgia : 2nd Saturday, April through October, Car Cruise – 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
(new time in 2021, same Saturday)

Canton, Georgia : 3rd Saturday, March-October, Car Cruise –  5pm until Dark
(they went back to the old start time of 5pm in 2021)

Dallas, Georgia : 4th Saturday, March-October, Car Cruise – 4PM til 7PM

Villa Rica, Georgia : 3rd Saturday, March through September, Car Cruise – 5 pm til 8 pm