one spatchcocked chicken

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1 5-7 lb spatchcocked chicken

January 22nd, 2006

I did a spatchcock chicken, with a dry rub.

Spatchcock: ya cut out the backbone of the chicken using kitchen/poultry shears. You can also use a big steak knife, with a serrated edge, like for carving up a roast. You flip the bird over, and press the bird flat. What was the inside, or cavity of the bird, is now the bottom of the bird. The legs and wings are all on the top. You place the bird inside down, onto the grill.

I used big green egg brand charcoal, and sprinkled handful of pecan wood chips, which adds to the taste and gives it the color it has.

I used the remains of a dry rub I made up for deep frying a turkey on Thanksgiving.

I rubbed the above spices all over the bird, before placing it on the grill.

I placed the bird on the grill, inside down.

The dome temperature was 250 degrees F during the cooking of this bird.

I left the bird on for not quite 2 hours, and checked it by the shaking hands method.

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