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Fuel Tanks

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International Harvester Corporation

International Harvester Corporation – Scouts



Studebaker Truck Parts

Tool & Storage Boxes

Toyota Truck Resource Pages

Truck Magazines online

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Ford Truck Parts

Ford Truck Resource Pages

Dodge Truck Parts

Dodge Truck Resource Pages

Multiple makes – truck parts:


After market

Specialty Power Windows – power window and wiper kits

Eastwood company – unique automotive tools and supplies

Real AC Power – power take off powered AC generator

Broncos (Early 1966-’77)

N8’s 66-77 Ford Bronco Site – Ford Bronco 1978-1996 Enthusiasts

Wild Horses 4×4


Bus – The School Bus Conversion Network

  • The best site for school bus conversion information, pictures and contains loads of information, pictures, links, and other resources regarding school bus conversions in one place without being hassled by lots of advertisements and popups. – school bus conversion project

  •  lots of pictures, details, links to resources

The Chevy / GMC Truck Parts Vendors List

Click Here for The Chevy / GMC Truck Parts Vendors List


The Chevy / GMC Truck Parts Vendors List contains links to over 60 separate vendors. Each listing has a description of which make and year trucks that company sells parts for.

Chevy / GMC Truck Owners Pages

Click Here for the Chevy/GMC Trucks Owner Pages

The Chevy/GMC Truck Owner Pages list contains links to websites and/or photo albums created by individual owners for their truck or collection of trucks. These sites have pictures of the trucks, a list of repairs and projects that have been done, projects planned, etc.. In many cases there are detailed how to articles with pictures showing the steps they went through doing a project or repair on their truck. So, go check out what other people are doing to and with their old Chevy/GMC trucks!

Chevy Truck Resource Pages

The Stovebolt Page

  • all pre-1987 GM trucks on-line resource
  • since 1995
  • Forums for Questions and Answers – Tech Articles – free classifieds(Swap Meet, parts, trucks, literature)
  • A great list of Books for working on old GM trucks

Chevy Talk

  • anything and everything Chevrolet, car or truck
  • 1917 -to current forums for the full size trucks

Chevy Xtreme

  • 1946 & older
  • 1947-1959
  • 1960-1966
  • 1967-1972
  • 1973-1987
  • 1988-1998
  • also to whatever is current… 😀

1960 to newer Chevy trucks

  • 1960-1966
  • 1967-1972
  • 1973-1987
  • 1988-1998
  • GMC Trucks Section
  • K Series trucks(4×4)
  • various forums for the different areas of the truck, body, driveline, electrical, etc..

Vintage Chevrolet Club of America – forums, great information if you want to keep it stock – truck section

Inliners International – a club for all makes in-line engines, trucks or cars, forums, how to articles, etc..

1937 Chevrolet page!

lots of information and details for 1937 Chevrolet trucks and cars.

Dick Cutting’s Home Page (1929-’54 Ford and Chevrolet Ton Trucks)

Brad’s 1941-1946 Chevy Trucks

Art Deco Truck – 1941-1946 Chevy Truck page : a page about Model 3104 1/2 ton pick-up & 3116 1/2 ton Carryall Suburban. Lots of links and information about these trucks. Good stuff!

Classic Parts Talk

  • forums, by body style
  • forums provided by Classic Parts of America, a parts vendor.
  • 1947 – current Chevy/GMC trucks are covered


Mongo’s Garage – resource for 1947-1955 Chevy & GMC Trucks, Suburbans, Panels, and Big ton trucks. See Tech Library.

Deve’s Technical Network – Advance Design Chevy Trucks (1947-1955)

Chev 235 guy ~ Let’s talk vintage Chevrolet…

lots of technical information about the Chevy inline six engines.

Tim’s Trucks – 1954 Chevy – Suburban – lots of information about this body style!

This web site is a chronicle of the history, events, and activities related to my interests-in and ownership-of Chevrolet Advance-Design Trucks (the Post-WWII series of trucks, sold by Chevrolet from late-1947 through early-1955).

Advance Design Trucks

  • Whether you’re working on an original restoration, building a street rod, or just love the 1947 – 1955 1st series Chevy and GMC trucks, this is the site for you. Our goal is to build the most complete collection of Tech Tips, Photos, Resources, Links, Books, and Truck Info anywhere on the web.
  • good information & tech tips sections

A in depth site about Billy Bob and the Deerslayer

  • a Model 3100 1955 1st Series Chevrolet ½ ton “5-window” pickup truck – LOTS of information and ‘how to’ articles!!
  • the Deerslayer – a 1937 Chevrolet Open Express 1/2 ton truck

Hilandr451 : 1960 – 1966 Chevy Trucks Website

Sections include:
  • Memorabilia
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Tips, Tricks and Technical stuff
  • Vendor Links
  • pages for differences on each year model!
  • Custom Camper
  • Corvair trucks
  • Panels n’ Burbs
  • odds n ends
  • Chevy truck related sites
  • …and more!

Tech articles, wiring diagrams, history & other great information. There are web pages for each year model, showing the styling changes and the different badges on the side, for each year. Very handy in trying to identify a truck you see on the side of the road.

Here you’ll find a wide variety of some of the most stylish trucks of the 60’s era. Originals, restorations & customs all blend together to give you an idea of just how popular these trucks have become in the past few years.

Lugnutz – blog about his 1965 Stepside

  • Body Work photos and details
  • follow along as he fixes it up – he adds things as he does more projects
  • A T5 Information page
  • Complete T5 Driveline – Installation from Engine to Rear Axle
  • A very detailed, step by step photo pictorial, with instructions showing the restoration of a 1965 Chevy C10 steering wheel.
    Rebuilding a Borg Warner T5 Transmission : A hybrid T5 with V8 Camaro gears, input shaft and case so no need for an adapter plate. Combined with a S10 case cover and tail housing with a cable speedometer drive.

Tips & Tricks Page includes :

  • Cutting Spot Welds
  • E-brake clip removal – made easy!
  • a simple way to improve the gauge cluster lighting
  • An easy way to adjust the brake shoes
  • A simple way to remove/install control arm bushings
  • POR-15 – tips for less mess!

Van Pershing’s 1960 – 1966 Chevrolet truck “Idea Page” – how to information along with pictures of things to do to your 1960-1966 truck

  • Drive Train
  • Interior
  • Body
  • Tailgate & Beds
  • Electrical
  • Fuel Tank Items
  • Miscellaneous

    • how to install bumper guards

1960-1966 Chevy Truck Information Section here at the House of Woogeroo

  • manuals
  • parts sources
  • information and websites with dedicated forums to 60-66 trucks
  • 1966 and later style park brake system article, with photos
  • much more! come explore(it is on this same site that you are looking at now)
  • tech articles, like this one below:

Where do I find answers for my 1960-1966 truck questions?

  • Information sources
    • different manuals
    • list of websites with technical information
    • list of websites with forums for question & answers
  • Parts sources
    • types of parts
    • list of parts vendors
  • differences between Chevy/GMC
    • where to go to find out the differences

Assembly sequence for a “typical” GM drum brake 1966 GM half-ton pickup (Delco Shown)

(if this helps you out, and I know it will, leave a note, he likes to read the comments)

step by step pictorial of how to reinstall the internal rear brake parts – great stuff! – courtesy of nufsed on Chevytalk


Ray’s Chevy Restoration Site

a site about a fleet of various Chevrolet cars and trucks. Specific information and technical articles about a 1966 Chevrolet Truck and a 1977 GMC Truck.

THE RESTO ROD SHOP – a neat site with bunches of information about 1947-1955 1st series Mostly Chevy/GMC trucks – dedicated to 73-87 full size GM trucks, Suburbans, and Blazers – this site has an excellent Links page. – this site sells parts but also has forums and information

Blazer Chalet

  • So what IS that thing? Why, it’s a 1976 or 1977 Chevrolet Blazer Chalet (or GMC Jimmy Casa Grande), the factory pop-up camper versions of the Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy. Lots of details, photos and other great information. – GMC & Chevrolet Cab Over Engine Trucks – 1939 – 1966

Chuck’s Chevy Truck Pages – DEDICATED TO 1973 – 1987 Chevy and GMC, Both C and K Model Trucks

The Chevrolet Longhorn Truck Page – 1968 – 1972 trucks with a longer frame and bed 1947-1966 Chevrolet Pickup Trucks

The NAPCO owners group

Vehicles of Victory – Dedicated to WWII Era Chevrolet and GMC Trucks 

GM – their focus is on the 1988 and newer trucks, but they have a pre-1988 section as well

Old Chevy Truck – vehicle classifieds

Bowtie Pickups Chevy/GMC – 1941-1972

Vintage Chevy Van Club – 1964-1970 Chevy and GMC vans.

Old Truck Network – Dedicated to 1985 and Older GM Truck Makes – Forums & Links

A Site Dedicated to the Chevrolet Light Utility Vehicle(LUV) – Forums, tech articles & Links – GM trucks and suv’s

For performance parts for Chevrolet trucks with Inline engines, also check the: Inline and Stovebolt sections on the Engines page.

For Chevrolet trucks with Diesel engines, also check the:

Diesel Truck Resource Pages – section on this page.

Also check the: Multiple Makes – Truck parts – section on this page.

If you have a account, I have found these Chevy Truck related sub forums:


Seems to be for the 1960 and later Chevy/GMC trucks…


This is for all Chevy trucks, but of course the posts tend to lean to the latest models. But you never know what will be posted in there.


for the 1973-1987 Chevy/GMC trucks/Full Size Blazers/Jimmys which collectors/fans refer to as ‘Squarebodies’


A sub for the Full Size Chevy/GMC Blazers/Jimmys


A sub for the General Motors Suburban(sometimes it’s a Chevy, sometimes it’s a GMC)


A sub for the Chevrolet S10 Pickups & Blazers

Old Trucks : home made camper shells

Chevy S series trucks


Chevrolet Yahoo! Groups for old Chevy Trucks

NOTE: you must have a Yahoo ID to participate in these ‘groups’.

Yahoo! Group – 1941-1959 Chevy/GMC trucks. old-chevy-truck – preserve and restore, stock

Yahoo! Group – Classic 60’s Chevy Trucks “60-66″/ Chevy Truck Lovers – Information & Parts

Yahoo! Group – Chevy Trucks 60 through 66

Yahoo! Group – Old Cab Over Engine (COE) Trucks prior to 1980.


Chevrolet Truck Custom Parts – After market

Flaming River

Diesel Truck Resource Pages

The Diesel Place – Forums – Chevy/GMC diesel powered trucks

The Diesel Page for the 6.2L, 6.5L and Duramax 6600 GM diesel engines – subscription based

The Turbo Diesel Register – Dodge/Cummins Turbo Diesel truck information – since 1993 – Forums, FAQs, Classifieds – subscription based

The Diesel Stop – Ford trucks, SUVs, and vans with International diesels. 

The Diesel Garage – a performance diesel website for all brands of trucks. – F-Series and Super Duty diesel forum – Diesel Conversions Knowledge base

We are a web site about diesel conversions into all vehicles though we are heavily focused on the famous Cummins 4BT engine.


Fuel Tanks

Boyd Welding

2811 NW 8TH PL
OCALA, FL 34475

Phone: 352-447-2405
Fax: 352-447-2403

  • custom aluminum fuel tanks
  • transfer tanks
  • float pods
  • tank tender system
  • custom products
  • marine tanks
  • racing
  • aircraft
  • motorcycle
  • replacement
  • and more!

ATTA – Aluminum Tank & Truck Accessories, Inc.,

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Central time.


phone: 1-800-773-3047 or 817-378-8455

fax: 817-378-9765

  • auxiliary fuel tanks/fuel systems
  • specifically those related to towing large trailers

Kustom Tanks – Fuel Tanks, aluminum and stainless steel.

7138 HWY 319 N
Omega, Georgia 31775

Phone: 229-528-4300

Fax: 229-528-6967

GMC Truck Resource Pages

Old GMC trucks

Vintage Chevy Van Club – 1964-1970 Chevy and GMC vans.

GMC 4×4

1988 to current trucks is the focus of the site.

There is a ‘classic’ area for pre-1988 trucks.

The page… which has links to these two pages :

The National 6066 GMC Truck Club – forums

1960-66 GMC Trucks big & small, or 1960-1974 GMC Built V6 Engines – The Information Page for The National 6066 GMC Truck Club
(lots of technical articles)

If you have a 1960-1966 GMC truck, or a big block V6 GMC engine, you need to explore this site! They have lots of information about the differences in these trucks.

GM Futurliner Restoration Project – #10 of 12 ever made – GMC I6 302 powered

For GMC trucks with Diesel engines, also check the: Diesel Truck Resource Pages – section on this page.

Also check the: Multiple Makes – Truck parts – section on this page.

International Harvester Corporation

Old IHC Trucks Special Interest Group

Binder Planet – old IHC trucks and tractors forum

Red Power Magazine – Forums

IH Parts America – parts vendor, but also has a forum

International Harvester Corporation – Scouts

The Binder Bulletin — IH Scout – Forums, photo galleries, classifieds

Southern Scouts

The Scout Connection



Forums – forums


Lots and lots of tech articles about all sorts of areas… and a bulletin board too.

More Jeep Information:


Road Armor

4wd Online Magazine

Southern Jeeps – North Georgia Jeep Club

Four Wheel Drive Hardware, Inc.

1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) FAQ

  • differences
  • buyer’s guide
  • maintenance
  • after market options


Ficken Wiper Service – parts for & rebuilds vacuum wiper motors – Most anything Older, American and Wiper Related!

The Federal Motor Trucks Registry

Lost America – Night Photography of the Abandoned West

This site has lots of interesting pictures of abandoned vehicles and ghost towns, etc..


Studebaker Truck Parts


Tool & Storage Boxes

Truck Bodies, Utility Beds, Etc..

Delta Consolidated Industries, Inc.

RKI – Manufacturers of Truck Equipment & other Metal Products

Knaack Manufacturing Company, Inc.


Toyota Trucks

Yota Tech – Toyota Trucks – forums, tech articles

Toyota Nation – multiple model Toyota site – forums – has a Toyota truck section


Truck Magazines online

Classic Trucks – past features, tech articles

Custom Classic Trucks – past features, tech articles


Truck Resource Pages

American Truck Historical Society

Billy Joe Jim Bob’s Truck & Tractor Links Page

Antique Truck Club of America

Founded in 1971 and based in Boyertown, PA, the ATCA is an organization of people who own or have an interest in antique commercial vehicles, especially in their preservation, restoration, and operation.

Classic Truck Shop

Truckworld – old/new – street/off road

PickupTruck.Com – New trucks and mods

Classic Truck shop – forums, classifieds, photo gallery, all kinds of old domestic trucks – page and forums for chevy, gmc, ford, chrysler and other panel trucks

House Trucks – a site with lots of photos of different types of house trucks. Also, a book is for sale there… written by a fella who has built a few of them. – Auto body and car paint tips, techniques, and information – forums, how to articles

Old Truck Stuff – all makes of old trucks


Hank’s Truck Pictures

  • lots and lots of semi truck pictures of all kinds and year models/makes
  • die cast model pics
  • model pics
  • trucks, trucks, trucks


Ford Truck Parts

Longmotor Corporation – Ford Trucks 1948-’86

MotorHaven – Ford Trucks, vans, SUVs, 1948-2001

Goodmark Industries: 1953-1956 Ford F-Series Truck(full-size light-duty truck)

US Body Source – fiberglass body panels – 1940-2002 full size Ford truck – ’83 -’97 Ranger – ’66 -’77 Bronco

Classic Performance Products / 1948-1964 Ford Trucks

National Parts Depot – Ford Truck 1948-2004

Melvin’s Classic Ford Parts – 1948-1979 Ford Trucks 

Also check the: Multiple Makes – Truck parts – section on this page.

Ford Truck Resource Pages

Ford Truck Enthusiasts

Dick Cutting’s Home Page (1929-’54 Ford and Chevrolet Ton Trucks)

F-150 Online – 1997-2002 Ford F150, F250 & SuperDuty – Ford Bronco 1978-1996 Enthusiasts

The Ford Forum – trucks, cars & SUV’s

Resto-Rodding my 1950 Ford F-1 – keeping the flathead – shows a full flathead rebuild

For Ford trucks with Diesel engines, also check the: Diesel Truck Resouce Pages – section on this page.

Dodge Truck Parts

Dodge City Truck Parts

US Body Source – fiberglass body panels – ’47-’68 / ’72-’02 full size Dodge truck – ’87 -’02 Dakota

Roberts Motor Parts – Dodge Truck, 1928-1980 / Chrysler Products Car parts, 1928-1962 – West Newbury, MA 01985

Vintage Power Wagon – supplier of 1940-1971 civilian Dodge Power Wagon and military Dodge WC & M-37 4×4 & 2 WD parts and trucks.

Also check the: Multiple Makes – Truck parts – section on this page.

Mercury Truck Resource Pages

Mercury Pickups – Canadian Mercury Pickups 1946-1968

Dodge Truck Resource Pages

Power Wagon Page

Dodge Forum is a Dodge discussion forum and one stop resource for all Dodge related discussions

online resource for dodge enthusiasts

Multiple makes – truck parts:

These companies sell parts for different makes and types of trucks

Mar-K, Restoration & Custom pickup parts – mostly bed parts – Oklahoma City, OK 73132*

Steele Rubber Products, Inc. – North Carolina, USA

Tail Light King – Taillights, Park Lights, Backup Lights, and Interior lights, lenses and assemblies, for cars and trucks from the 20’s thru the 70’s.

Rock Valley Antique Auto Parts – mechanical and body parts for automobiles and trucks from 1928 to 1976.

Rust Free Auto Parts – Early 70’s and Up – All Makes Pickup Beds, Cabs, Truck and Car Parts – Fairfax, IA

Vintage Glass – new glass for classic cars and trucks – Suwanee, GA 30024

Eaton Detroit Spring, Inc. – springs – custom, reproduction going back to 1907 – Detroit, MI 48216 

The Carburetor Shop – carburetors for vehicles 1902 through 1974. passenger, truck, tractor, industrial, marine, agricultural, and military – ELDON, MISSOURI 65026.

Blackbird’s Custom Trucks – Specializing in rear disc brake kits for Chevy Dana 60 and 14 bolt – crossover steering for Dana 44 & 60 – fabrication available – Spokane, WA 99220

Yogi’s, Inc. – custom parts, suspension, transmissions all kinds of stuff – CALAMUS, IOWA 52729

Yearwood – Speed & Custom shop – hot rod parts – Martinez, Georgia 30907


Since 1970 Shee-Mar has been known for its uncompromising standard of quality and service and as the leader in providing top quality turn signal switches, cancellation cams and accessories to the OE replacement and restoration markets. We offer the most complete coverage for domestic applications available anywhere in the aftermarket.

PO Box 179
Longmont, Colorado



Red Head Steering Gears

We are a family owned and operated steering gear re-manufacturer. We have been rebuilding steering gears in the Seattle area since 1981. Our specialized re-manufacturing process produces a proven superior quality rebuilt product. Our rebuild work carries a full 12 month/unlimited mileage warranty. We maintain an inventory of 400-500 steering gears for most vehicles including:

  • Domestic cars
  • Vans
  • Pick-ups and 4X4s
  • Medium Duty Trucks
  • Import Pick-ups
  • Sport Utility Vehicles

Re-Manufacturing, custom rebuild services.

Manual & Power Steering Gear Box
Ford, Jeep, Chrysler, GM & Dodge

900 North 127th Street, Seattle, WA 98133

Local (206) 364-3333
Toll Free (800) 808-1148

Red Head Steering Gears

Restoration Supply Company
15182-B Highland Valley Rd.
Escondido, CA 92025

Hours : Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm PST

Order Desk Toll Free: 800.306.7008
Other Inquiries or Outside the US: 1.760.741.4014
Fax: 1.760.739.8843


Woodie Cars and Trucks – Old Woodies