Po’ Boys of Canton – Cruise In

Po’ Boys of Canton Car Club

Canton, Georgia – 3rd Saturday Night – Cruise In

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see the club website(linked below) for 2018 dates

Time: 3:00 PM til 8PM
(or dark – sometimes people are there later in the summer)

Event: Po’ Boys of Canton – Cruise In

Location: Canton, Georgia

Every 3rd Saturday of the month, March – October.

The October Cruise in, is usually their Toys for Tots drive where you bring a new toy to donate instead of paying to park… see their website, linked below for the details.

The street address, and a link to the latest weather reports local to the location, down below.

Po’ Boys of Canton(Georgia) Website

(Their website is back up as of 04/22/2018)

Just in case, check the site(linked above, they also have a link on their site for their Facebook page) for any changes or cancellations before you go!!!

Looks like they finally made another post to the FB page… link is on the homepage there if that is your thing.


The latest weather reports:

Canton, Georgia Weather at NOAA

National Weather Service

(use the Canton, GA or zip code; 30114 to check the latest if the link above changes)

I have been to this cruise in many, many times.

You never know what kind of rides will turn up, there are a lot of different vehicles & some quirky ones that come out of the woodwork for this cruise in, as there is no judging. I have seen cars and trucks as far back as the 1910’s to brand new cars, highly modified race cars and everything in between. There is no rhyme or reason as to what kinds of vehicles will show up or when. There have been authentic military vehicles and ton trucks sitting next to slicked out low riders and classic 356 Porsche’s next to an old barely running project vehicle.

As of this writing, it is 5 bucks, per car/truck/motorcycle/etc., to park in the roped in, cruise in area itself. They say they donate the money to a local training school center… it is free to just walk around. Check the Po Boys of Canton website linked above for the latest.

There are the usual burgers and hot dogs at a stand and some other eating joints around the Riverstone Shopping Center itself. There is also a big Publix grocery store if you just want to buy something in there.

There is the usual PA system with the seemingly required feedback and music being played way too loud, so beware. Sometimes they turn it down, sometimes they don’t. Ear plugs is not a bad idea for when you walk down the hill towards the PA.

If rain is not in the forecast and it is a nice evening, there will be bunches of rides there. By bunches of rides I mean, on a night with nice weather, there are easily 500 vehicles in attendance. This will change depending on if it is football season or if there is some kind of a big motor sports event on TV. I noticed one year that one of the big Georgia football rivalry games was on the same night and people vanished at about 7pm.

There are very few trailer queens at this event(with the exception of some pure racing vehicles, off road trucks, etc..). Most of the attendees drive their vehicles to this event and it is a great chance to see some really wonderful vehicles.

Sometimes, some of the local car clubs in North Georgia decide to make a run to this event, so all of a sudden on one weekend there will be a whole lot of one type of ride there. One weekend it was a bunch of the old 1930’s Buicks. I saw 10-14 Packards there one night that I have not seen since. One night a bunch of Cadillac guys showed up. It is a wacky event as you never know what will be there, which is why I try to go every month. This is a family friendly event, with kids of all ages running around so if you have an aversion to that sort of thing, don’t bring your ride.


Click below for the link to Google maps:


Go 575 north to exit 20, take left, and the car show is in the shopping center on the right (behind the Red Lobster).

This is where I like to eat before or after I go to the cruise in, good eating!

Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q

1600 Marietta Hwy Canton, GA 30114
(Google Maps link)

Fax: 770-704-6626

This place is a little farther out of Canton… but it is good eating if you are in the area and want to try something different.

Amos BBQ

website link for Amos BBQ

697 Hightower Trail, Ball Ground, GA 30107

Open Mon-Thu 5:30am-8pm;

Fri-Sat 5:30am-9pm

(call to make sure about the times, or check their Facebook as they may change)

Some photos I have taken at this event :

05/21/2016 – Canton Cruise In – 24 photos