1960-1966 Chevrolet Trucks Information Section

by Woogeroo

        The purpose of this small page is to share some insight about what information is available for 1960-1966 GM trucks. I do not know everything about these trucks, but below are some things I have learned or sources I have discovered since I bought my 1965 C10 in April 2003. I have discovered that looking up information for these old trucks is fairly easy and simple, once you know where to go look it up. The knowing where requires a little knowledge and experience. Knowing things like: What official shop manuals are available? Which ones do I need/do not need? Which other books do I need or can I get a lot of use out of? I hope that you find this page useful in keeping your old 1960-1966 GM truck running, scoring that elusive used part or find the answer to a question that’s really been bugging ya.


Updated: December 14th, 2013

Where do I find answers for my 1960-1966 truck questions?

  • Information sources
    • different manuals
    • list of websites with technical information
    • list of websites with forums for question & answers
  • Parts sources
    • types of parts
    • list of parts vendors
  • differences between Chevy/GMC
    • where to go to find out the differences

1960 – 1966 Chevy/GMC trucks VIN Breakdown

Motor Truck Repair manual, 29th Edition.

An article about searching for used pre-1973 Chevy/GMC Truck parts.

  • where do I find parts?
  • why not just use reproduction parts?
  • so, where do I find used parts?
  • I can search for used parts?
  • parts searching is part of the adventure!

Wiring my 67-72 column hazard lights in my ’65 Chevy C10

sway bar options for 1960-1966 Chevrolet/GMC trucks. Note: Also called Stabilizer bars.

e brakes – the 1966 -1972 Chevy truck park/emergency brake cable system. Images in here show the routing for the cables and locations for the hangers and mounts. This can be swapped onto the early 60-66  trucks, if needed.

1960 – 1966 c10 rear step side bumper license plate bracket : information, pictures

1965 Chevrolet C10 – dome light assembly : remove and replace – how to article with photos

1960-1966 Chevy Truck dash speakers
photos of the original mono speakers for 1960-1966 trucks, that mounted under the dash, along with the brackets. Also, photos of an after market speaker setup.

700r4 links, articles, threads…

Links to some old truck articles I’ve written that are posted elsewhere…

  • 1960-1966 GMC/Chevy Trucks Buyers Guide
  • A guide to 1960-1966 GMC/Chevy Truck Manuals
  • Tricks and Tips for reading indented part numbers
  • 1965 C10 Cowl Vent Outlet Valve Seal Replacement
    (those vents on each side of the cab)
  • A thread about the engine choices available by year in the 1960-1966 Chevy/GMC trucks
  • A thread about swapping in different seats into the 1960-1966 Chevy/GMC trucks. Aftermarket, later model or ‘other model’ seats… what fits? Good information if you are looking to do a seat swap.

The Chevrolet & GMC Truck Parts Vendors List

by Woogeroo

  • over 60 plus vendors listed and linked
  • addresses, zip codes and phone/fax numbers listed on most entries
  • always a continuous and never ending work in progress!
  • mostly 1917-1973 parts vendors(but others are welcome!)

Chevy/GMC truck Owner Pages

        The Chevy/GMC Truck Owner Pages list contains links to websites and/or photo albums created by individual owners for their truck or collection of trucks. These sites have pictures of the trucks, a list of repairs and projects that have been done, projects planned, etc.. In many cases there are detailed how to articles with pictures showing the steps they went through doing a project or repair on their truck. So, go check out what other people are doing to and with their old Chevy/GMC trucks!

Links to other informative sites and articles…

Van Pershing’s 1960 – 1966 Chevrolet truck “Idea Page’ – how to information and pictures on ideas of things to do to your truck.

Sections include:

  • Drive Train
  • Interior
  • Body
  • Electrical
  • sales brochure images
  • pics of other trucks!
  • …and more!

Also, be sure to check out his 1965 C20 Chevrolet Pickup – he has some great tech articles about his truck with pictures on:

  • the power steering kit setup from REZ engineering
  • a tilt column swap from a 1983 suburban
  • what you need to change motor mounts from a inline 6 to a v8
  • GM throttle body fuel injection adapted to a 1983 SBC
  • ..and more!

Hilander’s ’60-’66 Chevy Truck website

Sections include:
  • Memorabilia
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Tips, Tricks and Technical stuff
  • Vendor Links
  • pages for differences on each year model!
  • Custom Camper
  • Corvair trucks
  • Panels n’ Burbs
  • odds n ends
  • Chevy truck related sites
  • …and more!
Tech articles, wiring diagrams, history & other great information. There are web pages for each year model, showing the styling changes and the different badges on the side, for each year. Very handy in trying to identify a truck you see on the side of the road.

Here you’ll find a wide variety of some of the most stylish trucks of the 60’s era. Originals, restorations & customs all blend together to give you an idea of just how popular these trucks have become in the past few years.

  • 1960-66 GMC Trucks or 1960-1974
    GMC Built Big Block V6 Engines
  • The 1960-66 GMC Trucks Model, this includes, Pickups, Suburban, Panels & Handi-Vans, even
  • lots and lots of Tech Articles
  • history
  • email list for finding parts
  • old GMC brochures – scanned so you can read them
  • lots of information of all kinds, if you have a 60-66 GMC, you need to explore this site!

Publications and Print resources, a list on the Stovebolt Page

  • a list of books for fixing/modifying things on automobiles
  • links to sites that sell old literature
  • links to magazines
  • go explore!!!

Burgie’s 1964 C60 Restoration site

  • fixing up a 1964 Chevy, 2 ton dump truck!
  • great information and tech articles.
  • check out this ’64-’66 heater box rebuild article he did.
  • if you have mid big mid 60’s Chevy truck, check it out!
  • for more big Chevy truck info, visit the Big Bolts forum on Stovebolt.com

GM Parts Wiki

a site dedicated to GM parts numbers, scans of old parts books, along with photos of the parts and their boxes/packaging.

1960 – 1966 Trucks – Frequently Asked Questions – threads on different boards:

1960 – 1966 FAQ Index thread in the ’60-’66 message board @ 67-72chevytrucks.com

    This thread was revamped in January 2013, by yours truly. There is A LOT of stuff indexed there!!! Go explore!

1960 – 1966 FAQ research thread in the ’60-’66 message board @ 67-72chevytrucks.com

This thread was used to write the post linked above… but it also has some great information that wasn’t included in the final post… as they were trying to index posts on the forum itself.

Where is my VIN on my 1960-1966 Truck? in the ’60-’66 message board @ 67-72chevtrucks.com

    With photos and explanations of the different locations.

The Pit Stop thread in the 60-66 Trucks & Vans forum on ChevyTalk

Description : Just like in racing, The Pit Stop is all about speed and accuracy.

ChevyTalk’s 60-66 Chevy Truck forum has covered a lot of ground and accumulated a lot of useful information over the past 12 years.

We thought it would be nice if there was a place where you could pull in real quick and find what you’re looking for and get back out to your project in a hurry.

So we put together this single point of reference permanently posted on the front page with links to specific threads and internet links all categorized by subject.

Lots of pictures of 1960-1996 trucks…

The Official 60-66 C-10 Chevy Truck Picture Thread on the HAMB

  • a huge thread of photos of 1960-1966 Chevy/GMC trucks, panels and suburbans
  • stock, custom, heavily modified, beaters, projects
  • can give you ideas of things to do with your truck
  • over 2,600 replies (06/2013)

How about some pics of 60-66 Trucks? – picture thread on the 67-72chevytrucks.com site

  • a thread indexing the many, many different and separate photo threads within the 60-66 section of that forum
  • all kinds of 60-66 trucks, lifted, lowered, slammed, stock, custom…
  • thousands of pictures!!!

The 1960-1966 section of the photo gallery at 67-72chevytrucks.com

Online Photo Albums  – share your link here! thread at 60-66 section on Chevytalk

  • a thread with posted links to online photo albums or collections of 60-66 Chevy/GMC trucks

The 1960-1966 Chevy/GMC trucks gallery at Stovebolt.com

  • panels, suburbans, pickups, big grain ton trucks too!
  • trucks of all sizes 1/2 ton to 3 ton
  • stock, custom – everything in between
  • progress pics – changes made

  • what did you find in your truck when you bought it?
  • this includes the cab, bed… whatever came along with you when you bought the truck
  • read about the crazy things other people found!
  • over 320 replies as of  04/2010
  • just a fun and nutty thread…

Seats in our trucks?
1960-1966 message board on 67-72chevytrucks.com

Chevy Truck Resource Pages

  • list of Chevy Truck forums, some sites have 60-66 specific areas
  • list of websites with specific Chevy Truck technical information

Each of the sites listed below have forums for Chevy trucks, each one has a specific area for 1960-1966 trucks:


  • pre-’73 GM trucks on-line resource
  • since 1995
  • forums for questions and answers of all areas of your old Chevy/GMC truck
  • be sure to explore their extensive Links section
  • Tech Tips section full of ‘how-to’ articles.

Chevy Talk.org

  • anything and everything Chevrolet, car or truck
  • 1917 – current forums for the trucks


  • Began as a site for the 1967-1972 trucks
  • since 1997
  • The forums now cover all old Chevy/GMC trucks to current Chevy/GMC trucks. Each body style has it’s own message area and separate parts board.