when a parts vendor site does not work… (jim carter)

Is it not really annoying when you go to a website to look for an item to research or possibly purchase, but the website is so buggy you can not even search for it?

This annoys me, greatly in 2014.

Then, even more so, I hit up the ‘contact us’ form on the site to let them know about this weirdo error I received after searching :


Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ‘80040e07’

[Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Conversion failed when converting the varchar value ‘undefined’ to data type int.

/cart/ssi/genfunctions.asp, line 3409



So, being me, I thought I would let ’em know about this… but, the ‘contact us’ form timed out and would not send either!

I mean… really?


One would think Jim Carter would want a better site that is more user friendly and reliable…



Oh well, good thing I was just looking up a part for someone else & not looking to drop my own cash… but wow.

In the box with ‘parts number or description’ I was searching for : park lamp harness

filter by year : 1966

Then I received that error code gobbly gook.

I guess they want you to call ’em on the phone and wait for a catalog in the mail or something? I’ve always been told and read good things about their parts quality and customer service… but if ya can’t search the site, I wonder why they have a site online at all?





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