show the racing, please!

I was trying to watch the Indy 500 today… I claim to have been trying as I was watching the coverage thereof which was preventing me from seeing the actual racing action.

During lead changes… ‘hey, let’s switch to the on car cameras and show… the track, the wall and the infield grass!’

Yeah, that’s exciting stuff.

I mean, *go WIDE!* show the action, the passing… but Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooo.


Also, the last 5-10 laps… they split the screen with the top 4 mixing it up, showing the wives and girlfriends in the pits… what in the!!??

I do NOT care!!!

I want to see the RACING, the race is still going owwwwwwff

Can I see it? Please? That’s why I tuned in!


ABC has been covering this race on TV for 50 years… I think they need to go back and watch some older footage from before they had all the fancy toys… we the people want to see the racing action, that is always number 1.

There is no number 2.

Anything else is for pre-race or post race mumbo jumbo, which I don’t watch anyway.



p.s. , if you watched the coverage and were equally unimpressed please complain here…

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