The Jack Stewart Ford : a journey in time with the car and it’s owners

The Jack Stewart Ford : a journey in time with the car and its owners

by Rik Hoving

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You can buy it here.

I recently treated myself to this fancy book about a custom car known as The Jack Stewart Ford. It began life as a 1941 Ford Business coupe and was later chopped, massaged and customized. Amazingly, the car is still around! This book started on a research trip by the current owner and his friend(the Author) to find information about the car, as it was known that the three primary ‘caretakers’ were still alive, so they went to meet them and ask ’em questions, copy any photos they may have had. The wealth of information found was the inspiration for this book.

The thread about the research trip, is here.

I’m about  1/3rd of the way into the book, reading about the car itself, it’s history and now the owners. I find the details and discussion of the changes made as it went along the most fascinating.

If you like custom cars at all, you should get this book. 


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