dark humor : calling horse puckey on an obituary

O.K., so this kid off’s himself, sad for his family and pals. Bummer for sure… but! This makes me crazy about obituary’s in the South… no matter how dumb a thing they did to get killed or how mean and evil they are, they always try to ‘clean it all up’ in the Obituary.


Source : Student’s Death Ruled a Suicide


Moras “enjoyed being a tenth grade student at Mill Creek High School, video games, working out, music, zombie movies, and ‘Family Guy’. He loved being outdoors, skateboarding, biking and, like most 16 year olds, was always on his Iphone. He was a well-rounded, compassionate young man with a big heart. Avery was a wonderful son, brother, grandson and friend.”

But… he took a .32 revolver and put a shot to his head?


Well rounded my ass, he had a flat spot somewhere. 😀

GrumpyGimp: HAHAHAH!!

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