Canon PowerShot A520 – busted LCD Screen

I was out and about the other day, putting my camera back in the truck when I dropped it, it bounced off the seat, to the floor to the gravel parking lot and landed on the LCD screen.


The screen no worky no more.

Camera still takes photos tho’.


Well, I did some poking around on youtube and found out that the screen is actually removable!

Display (LCD) removal and replace : Canon PowerShot A540 A530 A520 A510 (camera repair)

Then of course I had to bounce around looking for the part and I found one on eBay.


My A520 is very similar to the A540 in the video linked above, the only difference is where the hand strap wraps around on the body, there is a screw that needs to be removed. It was making me crazy… the silver screw totally blended in with the body of the camera! Once I found the screw and removed it, the body cover coming off was easy peasy.

Also, on my camera, the LCD screen is in a frame that has to be taken off completely.

The only fatality for the project was one stripped head on one of the itty-bitty Phillips head screws.

I put it all back together and it worked! I have a screen again.

Now I can get back to taking silly pictures of my truck!



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