Handy dandy Opera Extensions

Do you use the Opera browser?

If so, here are some handy extensions to consider installing and using.

Some of these require a slight learning curve, they help protect your privacy while on line, use as needed.

Tools > Extensions > Get Extensions

search by name, below.

pick one, read about it, then : add to opera

If you have some other extensions for Opera to suggest to me, please let me know!


ad block plus


Facebook Blocker (all those ‘like buttons’ everywhere? yeah, it blocks those, prevents FB from tracking you if you are still logged in, etc..)

FaceBook ad cleaner

Ghostery – when you go to a site, it shows you what services are tracking you

gmail nocheckbrowser

Noads advanced

opera crypt

panic button – goofing off at work? looking at something around other folks that is none of their business and they pop up on you? hit the panic button and the tabs all shrink up.

redirect to https – stay secure

remove google redirects


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